Snarky Puppy – We Like It Here

Snarky Puppy We Like It Here

I must say, delivery is everything. One thing Snarky Puppy definitely has is consistency. I realize with the last album, groundUP, the album art there was black white and yellow (Gold). What a way to set the tone for the album by letting the first song on the album be…”Thing of Gold”. Design-wise, when I see that album cover I always see the yellow words as a filament of gold. How refreshing was it to see the album cover of “We Like It Here” paint the picture of the first song “Shofukan”. Personally, the first time I heard “Shofukan”, I played into thinking of a dusty middle east scenery. The soft guitar lines and soothing horns at the top of the song did exactly that. Overall, ‘great job’ to whomever it concerns.


If I ever have the privilege of going to Dubai, I’m jamming to this track the whole time I’m there. “Shofukan” is a very laid back groovy track that has a great mystical feel to it. With great Snarky Puppy form, the song starts of with a deep feel to it and ends off with a kick in your chest with great excitement! Perfect way to start off a great album. You have to love the fellowship/brotherhood Snarky Puppy shows when the horn section sings together in harmony on this track. As a bass player, I have to call out the licks that make me give the famous “Musician stank face”. Michael League delivers a elevating bass line starting at 5:53. I love the play on the rhythm the drummer, Larnell Lewis, delivers on this groovy track. You’ll be hearing me drop that name several times in this post.

What About Me?

“What About Me?” should have been titled “What Can We Say?”! My goodness! This has such great driving feel to it. This makes me feel like I’m going to seize the day. Just two songs in Snarky Puppy We Like It Here, and I’m feeling great. The feel of this song is simply classic. Larnell Lewis, how many Red Bulls did you drink before you played. When you hear this track you instantly realize, “dude doesn’t stop”. How profound is Larnell to have such endurance to keep his energy up the whole track.


Shaun, Shaun, Shaun! I honestly believe that Shaun Martin, is a very essential part of Snarky Puppy. This track here is so soulful. Shaun makes that Talkbox sing on this track. I don’t know how many musician stank faces I made listening to this track. I don’t know why exactly, but this track really touched my heart. It really does everything to me but put me to sleep. As a bass player, I really have an appreciation for the Moog on here; perfectly fitting.


This is a great song. My only thing is that I would have loved to have been an upright bass here. I know the perfect musician who would have fit perfectly in this track; Esperanza Spalding. She could have even added her vocals float with the melody through out the whole track. Perfect scenario for a collaboration. Hopefully this can happen in a live situation one day. She would have taken this song to a whole new level. But I do like the concept of the whole song. In my weird mind, this is a nice track for a breezy autumn afternoon.


Off the bat, this song give an authentic Southern African Jazz feel to it. This song is, hands down, very culturaly based wether that was the intention or not. I love it!


With a mean bassline, Musician Stank Face naturally occurs for majority of the track. This song is MEAN! Again that Moog is nothing to underestimate. Larnell. That was enough to say about him on this track. Incredible execution. Great jazz track. I love the constant change in time signatures.

Tio Macaco

This is simply the heart and soul of Brazil rendered by Snarky Puppy. This is such a beautiful light upbeat track. Its clear they were aiming for that. You can’t deny movement to pass through your body with a sound as colorful as this.


“You better save the best for last” is exactly what Snarky Puppy did on this album. Because it has a 5/4 time signature through out majority of the song, Lingus is my favorite track on here. I love odd time signatures that sound so good. Straying away from 4/4 and 2/4 makes my heart sing. If you didn’t know, Cory Henry actually went to the hospital after this because he was so sick! If you pray, pray for him. This was a good place for Cory to lay it all on the table. Honestly, the first time I listened to this track I thought it was Shaun. But it doesn’t matter, this song had me jumping up towards the end. I always get scorned for listening to this song because I find myself being yelled at for banging on something every time I hear it. Perfect way to end We Like It Here. You just really can not not listen to this song just one time. It sticks with you like glue.